Badlands Beauty
The road winds through, but part of you will stay

Na Pali Light
Shadows dance along the coastline

Kauapea Beach
Beauty like this is hard to keep secret

Waterfall Glen
Shallow water, deep in thought

Open Wide
Room to see, to hear, to breathe

Slow Sunrise
The morning sun takes its time

Bass Harbor Marsh
Skies above, skies below

Going to the Sun
Lift your eyes, raise your spirits

Coastal Marsh
The grass waves and the waves crash

Poipu Foam
A quilt of sea foam covers the warm bed of sand

Running Eagle Falls
In springtime, the lower falls are covered by flow over the top

Grand Prismatic Spring
Look but don't touch

Kauapea Beach Rocks

The waves whisper their secrets

Stars Rising
The last daylight fades

Badlands Sunset
The last paintstrokes of the day

The Starlight Ballroom
Our star sets, and the others begin the evening's dance

The best neighbors are trees

North Bubble, South Bubble
On Jordan Pond

Real-Life Diorama
Sunlit valley village

Drumlin Farm
The path ahead is beautiful but foreboding

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